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We have also made some other bug fixes that will help all Mac OS X users. Download ManyCam 1. Thank you, it is a really great day.. Cam Twist was not really an alternative.. I will try it as soon as possible.. I sent report but will post here for others to comment on or any help.

Mac OS Camera sent to source by itself looks normal. Start Manycam. Camers is visible in Manycam. Then start Wirecast. Camera image is black in Manycam and in Wirecast. Webcam itself has visible inage in Wirecast. I run ManyCam, set iSight as my source, choose an effect.

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Now what do I do. How do I start recording? I love the app but!

Much better then Cam Twist or any other alternative. If so, could you try to compile it for both architectures? Greets, DokterMac. Doktermac, I think it is more complex a situation than that, but I will make sure the dev team sees your comment. I was hoping the new update would fix this, but apparently not. So ManyCam cannot use your camera as a source, because the camera is taken by TinyChat.

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I recommend you ask Tinychat why their Flash app behaves this way and if it can be changed so it works like Ustream. Great software. It seems that the snow leopard support is only the 32bit kernel correct? App works in 64 bit kernel but distributed video feed does not? Will this be addressed?

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Cool little app. However, documentation seems rather lacking. How do I select a video to play as my webcam? I am on a Mac Pro Also, chatroulette will not recognize the app for mac, but it does recognized and work for PC. Any solutions? Also how do I add videos to the selection to be played?

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I have tried dragging and dropping them but that doesnt work. I also was having trouble selecting ManyCam from the flash settings on ChatRoullette, but I switched from Firefox to Safari and also downloaded latest version of Flash and now it works just fine. So I have been trying but found that this does not work with chatroulette on the mac and I want to know why that might be?

I had also problems with manycam on chatroulette but then i started to look at a solution and i found it for me. Hello i now that the last version will not working with iBook G4. Camfrog will no longer recognize either my internal isight nor external isight after using your product under snow leopard. System Requirements Intel Mac only. MacOS Video Chat for iOS 2. Features Video chat in rooms — See and be seen by others. Private Video Chat between two users. Instant Messaging. System Requirements iPhone 4 device and newer or iPad 2 device and newer or iPod 5G device and newer.

Free Video Chat for Android 2. System Requirements Touch screen Android device with minimum size of x px. Android OS v4. More Camfrog Webcam Software Windows. Camfrog for Windows Video chat 1-on-1 and join video chat rooms. Learn more. Camfrog for MacOS Video chat 1-on-1 and join video chat rooms. Camfrog for iOS Video chat in rooms — See and be seen by others.