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Mac Miller: 10 Essential Songs From Pittsburgh Rapper’s Career – Rolling Stone

Long past the carefree party rap that laid the foundation for his career, Mac had spent the last few years mining his darkest artistic impulses; this was his turn back towards the light. By now, Miller had learned how to let songs develop, to breathe, and started to value the kind of song you could keep on repeat forever rather than deploying his ever-sharp writing in bursts. This was one of the best examples of that coming to fruition. Though many would take umbrage at his willingness to touch a classic, Miller would eventually win many of his critics over by simply always striving for improvement and knowing what he was talking about.

The Divine Feminine found Mac Miller uncharacteristically happy. After moving to L.

Even in his romantic posture, Miller places himself outside the industry; outside its deathly culture of abuse. Miguel A booming piece of skittering drums and bursting strings with a dance-y breakdown aimed squarely at the hip-hop that was working on the charts in However, at this point, far removed from the carefree early days of his teens, there are regrets creeping into the hedonism. He spits along the spine of the widening, synth-focused beat, bounces off-kilter at the turn of the phrase and appropriately self-references his own improvement as an artist: S was at once a cry for action to the outside world while stating his purpose plainly: Listener discretion advised: The song, now painful to listen to, is the best example of how simply and directly he was capable of laying out exactly what he was going through on record.

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Download "K.I.D.S," the latest tape from Mac Miller. It dropped on Friday, August 13th, 2010.

Listen Mac Miller - Objects in the Mirror. Listen Mac Miller ft. Kendrick Lamar - Fight The Feeling. Listen Mac Miller - Avian. Listen Mac Miller - Listen Mac Miller - Self Care.

Mac Miller "K.I.D.S." Mixtape Download

Listen Mac Miller - Stay. Listen Mac Miller - Day One.

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Listen Mac Miller - Funeral. Listen Mac Miller - Her. Listen Mac Miller - Hurt Feelings. Listen Mac Miller - Youforia. Listen Mac Miller - Small Worlds.

10 Essential Mac Miller Songs

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Mac Miller’s tracks

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