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Browser bookmarks from popular browsers will be transferred to the Safari web browser.

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Migration Assistant will copy photos and other images it finds to your Mac, and save them to your home folder. You can then open the Mac Photos app and let it search for images to include in its library of images. Other Files: Migration Assistant will also copy the following data: Files stored in the top-level folder of the currently logged-in PC user; non-system and app files located in the Windows or Program Files folders; top-level non-system and app files located in the top-level folder of the Windows system disk; and top-level folders located on locally attached disks on the PC.

You may see a warning about your PC being configured to install Windows updates automatically.

How to transfer data from a PC to a Mac

If you see this warning, turn off automatic updates, and then click Continue. The Migration Assistant running on your Mac will display all of the connected PCs on your local network that are currently running the Windows Migration Assistant. Select the appropriate PC, and then click Continue. If so, click the Continue button on the Windows Migration Assistant.

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  8. Place a checkmark next to the items you wish to transfer, and then click the Continue button. Migration Assistant will display a status bar, along with an estimate for how long the transfer will take.

    How to Convert From PC to Mac Without Losing Your Data | Other World Computing Blog

    You can select which types of files you want to transfer from your PC to your Mac. Data that is transferred via Migration Assistant is copied to a new user account on your Mac; its name will match the user account name on the PC that was logged in at the time of the transfer.

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    8. You may need to log out, and then log back in on your Mac using the new user account. You can find out more about iCloud and the many services it offers in the guide: Set up iCloud on all your devices. You can check the latest pricing information at iCloud storage plans and pricing. Use an External Drive Although there are still many additional options for moving data from your PC to your Mac, the last one we will cover here is using an external drive or USB flash drive.

      This approach has a lot going for it, including being one of the easiest. It also lets you create a backup or clone of your Windows data, which allows you to sell your PC and still access its data in the future.

      Connect the computers to each other

      The only real caveat to this method is dealing with a quirk of the Mac. Once you have an external drive in a common format, you can freely exchange data in either direction, between your Mac and PC, just by plugging the external drive into the appropriate computer as needed. Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

      Apple Migration Assistant - complete step by step walk through

      Then, on your Mac, open a new window in the Finder. The folder you shared on your PC should appear in the Finder on your Mac; you can then look through it for the items you want to copy and drag them to the location of your choice on your Mac. How to migrate from Android to iPhone. Exploring the Mac's sharing features. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. Switch to Mac Switch to Mac: Buying your first Mac Switch to Mac: Transfer your files from Switch to Mac: Translating Windows to How to find your Bring your hardware with Security basics Show More.

      If your PC stores most of your data locally, you can choose among three main approaches to get it onto your Mac: When you enroll for Apple's One to One service, you can keep track of your training sessions and topics you want to learn about on a custom Web page.

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      Use a virtual assistant When you turn on a new Mac for the first time, a setup assistant runs to help you connect to the Internet, create a user account, and configure a number of important settings. When you turn on a new Mac for the first time, the setup assistant offers to transfer data from another computer, which may be a Windows PC.

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