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If they get knocked, dropped or similar they will eventually fail. When most hard drives develop mechanical failures the result is a repetitive ticking noise that comes from the hard drive when it is first powered on, and the drive will not be detected. This is the hard drive trying to pass a self test before letting the computer take control of it. In cases like this it is the actual read write heads of the hard drive that have failed.

WD passport beep sound and not showing [Closed]

These will need to be replaced with a working set of heads before the drive will start to function again properly. In your case there is a complication. Your hard drive may still have head damage, but there is another problem.

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Beeping hard drives usually indicate one of two things: In this example the beeping is relatively quiet, some hard drives are much louder than this, but the problem are the same. Retrieving the data from hard drives with stiction involves freeing the heads from the disk surface without damaging either the heads or the platter and is a delicate operation.

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Stiction problems should always be handled by skilled data recovery companies, do not let a well intentioned friend or a PC shop like PC World anywhere near a hard drive with stiction. If that doesn't help you might need to use Professional Data Recovery services to recover the data. WD does not provide data recovery services. Most of them usually have a discount for WD drives.

This HDD is likely to need a head transplant and this requires that you find a matching donor drive and clean room environment to open the drive without destroying the data. Opening the HDD on your own will void the warranty. From WD's "Data Recovery":.

WD My Passport Ultra beeping solution

If you utilize data recovery services, Western Digital will not void the warranty associated with the disk drive you purchased from a Western Digital reseller or distributor. To retain the warranty status of your drive, you should ensure that the service provider you use provides you with written verification, on its company letterhead, that it has performed data recovery or other services on your hard drive.

In all other instances, Western Digital's warranty is void if a returned disk drive exhibits a defect attributable to misuse or tampering, improper installation, alteration or to other causes as specified in our warranty policy. Another important thing you should keep in mind is that multiple attempts to access a failing drive often cause further damage the HDD and the data stored in it.

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Indeed, as the video's title says, your HD is dying. I assume when you connect it you cannot read it, so the possibilities are quite few and very rudimentary.

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Sometimes a few hollow soft hits with the knuckles revive the hard disk for a short period of time which you might take advantage of to recover whatever you can. However, Western Digital will change your disk if it's under warranty, but will not perform any data recovery task:.

WD My Passport Beeping Noise HELP ! ! !

Western Digital shall have no liability with respect to a data lost, regardless of the cause, b data recovery services, or c data contained in any Product placed in Western Digitals' possession. Western Digital is not liable for and has no obligation to pay for any cost associated with data recovery. If your data is very valuable you might consider hiring a data recovery company to recover your data, but these are usually quite expensive.

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