Power mac g5 motherboard dimensions

How does it look inside the case? If I ever was proud of my own work, it was at this moment. The first HDD in it's place! MiniHack was a huge help in completing my project, here is the rear clipped part of the original PowerMac motherboard that has all the ports. Oh yeah, nice and original! This board was without an RJ11 socket, but I wasn't going to use that anyway. New hardware for the NAS!

It's still running after 2 years with this setup! Two HDDs are still missing, they were being used at the time. Time to finish this project. So let's start with a mint original AC cable. Even something as mundaine as an AC cable is something Apple can put a large attention to detail in. Now that looks nice!

PowerMac G5 - NAS case

An aluminium heatsink cover originally found in this type of PowerMac. With adhesive magnetic tape I was able to stick it to the CPU heatsink. To achieve this: Remember that motherboard clip? The hotglue blob is to prevent shorts and wires coming loose. This is a USB header soldered to the two ports below it. This is how it looks inside, you can barely see the blue PCB on the right just behind the fan bracket. Aibohphobia aka James. Wow, what a mod! It may not be a particularly compact unit but a NAS is an important part of SFF because it allows you to offload those bulky, hard to mount mechanical drives out of the case.

Excellent work! Writer, Editor, Awesome Person. You've taken that to the next step, looks great! LooseNeutral Trash Compacter. I'm a sucka for any 'ol Mac mod Love seeing what folks come up with using these sweet towers.

Good stuff man. I've always wanted to do a project with the G4 Cube but that case is so rare, it's not going to happen I guess. But after they launched the new Mac Pro in , I've got some new ideas. LooseNeutral likes this. I've read some owners of D talking about the lack of caps on it being the culprit for such troubles experienced by them.

Nope, no issues with mine. I had to remove a CPU fan just to get the board out. The SR-2 doesn't have Firewire capability. I use both front panel USB ports on my current rig. This adds up to. I've avoided that altogether. I grabbed the rear panel USB bracket and cables from yet another decommissioned computer, split the USB connectors enough to fit properly behind the holes on the G5's front panel, and hot-glued the USB ports in place.

This is tricky, and it would be VERY easy to get these misaligned. Careful not to glue over the screw brackets. In theory I could use the audio jack. You can ignore both these if you are doing what I did. Of course the shapes and sizes are different. I trimmed the firewire port hole a little to fit a USB cable. This is my final form! The power switch and its LED are a little tricky. IF you have read this page and know what you are doing, you won't have to remove the little circuit board from its home. You can just solder wires onto the contacts with the board in place.

I didn't have this to inform me so I pulled the switch board. The switch is a pretty simple affair. A small metal dome is taped in place, and pressing it makes the contact for the power switch. There is a single LED. Then both the switch and the LED share the ground wire, and so the same solder pad. Observe polarity on the power switch. My wires were longer than necessary, so I just coiled them out of the way under the motherboard.

The memory card reader you use will dictate the cutout you make in the front panel. Here's mine, final-fitted. If it bothers me enough that the bracket can be seen through the front of the computer, I may go back in and color the bracket for the card reader solid black. For whatever reason, my motherboard wasn't regulating the fan speed on the PWM fan header.

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This made one of the fans always run at full speed, and it was audible. This is a problem for me. I value quietness of fans above aesthetics, by a lot - It's not even close. So I grabbed two mm fans, one being my favorite type of Noctua that I wish I'd kept the other one of the two of these I had once upon a time. Oh well.

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Mismatch it is, then, and taped in place. But the motherboard can control the 3-pin fan speed, so there we go. Finally everything was installed enough to boot the computer. Lots of it. Then the first program I ran was Memtest. For a day. Then I changed the settings and ran it for another day and a half. No errors, and that's good. It was also good as a low-powered space heater!

The fans were running at full speed and they were unobtrusively quiet. That's a build, folks. All that's left is the "after" pictures. This bears some explanation. The white and pink extra bits are foam panels, installed to help channel cool air to the 2nd GPU and power supply, and to route hot air from the CPUs out the back of the case instead of having it swirl around inside.

Fresh air is drawn in the front panel. Hot air coming through both GPU coolers swirls around in the case, and it would take more baffling than I think is worthwhile in order to channel hot air straight out the back. The CPU coolers have a baffle near the front, a baffle over the top of the coolers, a baffle between the coolers, and a baffle between the upper cooler and the lower GPU.

They draw air from inside the middle of the case, and vent out the back of the case. The original optical drive's mounting screws and quick-release mount were reused, but I had to take the front panel off the drive to make it work right with the spiffing retractable optical drive door in the G5 case.

The eject button is hidden and not useable. I don't love having only one optical drive, but I only rarely use both at the same time on my current rig and then only for the sake of convenience. Extra power supply wires are tucked up around the power supply, forming a mild airflow restriction to keep hot air from the PSU from blowing around in the case.

There are a few spare inches inside the front of the case, which is the only spare room available in the whole thing. I used standoffs to mount the hard drives off the front panel. This changes the hard drives from an airflow obstruction you can see, to a noise baffle in the shadows. Scroll up and look at the Front view of the finished computer again. You see screw heads, but you don't see the hard drives. I took a big magic marker and colored the hard drives all-black. I think this is a very big win as far as hard drive mounting goes. The smaller drive is a little solid state affair for a fast boot drive, and the SSD will be backing itself up by writing images of itself to the HDD.

Both of these have rear under the PCB metal plates that aid heat dissipation a little. The other cooler is the stock AMD cooler. I didn't find the wiring diagrams that you linked to. Can you please send me those on email? Great build If you make an account at InsanelyMac you can download the file in the first post in this thread: I have the diagram but my question is how to i go about doing it and what is needed and what do i have to have to make it work?

All you need to do is solder wires between the corresponding pins on G5's stock front panel connector and the standard front panel connectors from an ATX case. Some of the pins from the G5 and ATX connectors will not be used, if I remember correctly, but it still works. I just spliced the wires directly to the front panel cable that came with the case. Hi Ben! A lot of planing and hard work, but you did just an awesome job. Inspired me to start shopping for an old G5 and do my new Hackintosh build in this case, instead of the old boring standard atx case that I was going to use. Fellow modders appreciate this kind of detail.

Cool post apart from the main aspect. How do you take the parts out?? I have been in the case for an hour taken out every visible screw and the main board wnt budge the fucking thing is built like a tank and there is not a single guide online. Some one please help. Cant empty the case.

Planning to build a PC inside a Power Macintosh G5 case : buildapc

This multimedia power board for your much needed and valuable electronic device varies depending on the power of the wave too, and will help to avoid problems sorted circuit. Awesome mod! I'm looking forward to get my case within the next week and start this project: Hi there, I'm just now started on this build and it's going to take me about a 2 weeks to finish it. I have a concern with my PSU not having enough power for all the fans once it's running.

I'm going to be using all but one fan the Blower fan near the HDD.

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Should i upgrade from Corsair CX to a or watt unit to provide enough power. You would have to remove all the parts. Dang son! Thats a dollar case! I could use that case, but just put a shelf in it and use it for my MBP, and hook up some connectors. If someone has a copy of the PowerPC wiring diagrams.

Neither links work. Thanks to your post, I was able to transfer my X58 system over and rocking it! I did not have a dremel but I have a drill and dremil attachment I think will work. I was trying to get the parts out last night and didnt have a torx bit that fit. I'll get it today. So I will be removing the parts and reselling them. I am mounting a micro ATX board in this.

I dont think I will have to cut the divider at the top this way. I will have to see. You're lucky I'm browsing this several year old forum as well lol. From the pictures it looks like he just cut out a large rectangle I'm currently in the middle of my build as well. Anyone in progress of this build give me an email! I like this tutorial, other than the way he cuts out the entire back. Could you please send a link for the template or dimensions you use for the backplate? I will love to do this with my old G5.

Thanks for the post. Any updates on new mods for the g5 to pc conversion?? Thanks for sharing. Great article!! Thank you for your post. This is excellent information. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site. Thanks for your suggestions and providing useful information.

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Most Recent Update. Whether you are an apple fan or not, it is hard to disagree with the fact that the Power Mac G5 computer looks great, inside and out. My goals for this project were to preserve the look of the case, inside and out; fit my PC's hardware, including a full length ATX motherboard, 2 GPU's, and a CoolIt ECO; and keep the system fully upgradeable, meaning no modifying the hardware.

My second GPU just barely fits: PCI divider and fans installed:. Posted by Ben Katz at Anonymous August 8, at 9: Anonymous August 22, at 6: Anonymous September 5, at Francis September 7, at 9: Ben Katz September 7, at Kuffs September 18, at Ben Katz September 18, at Kuffs September 18, at 3: Callum September 30, at 7: Ben Katz September 30, at 7: Callum October 1, at 3: Ben Katz October 1, at 9: Callum October 5, at 2: Anonymous December 14, at 9: