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Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. This has been happening for me as well as of two hours ago. I deleted and re-installed and the issue continues. I get a quick pop up of the game window all black as it has yet to load , which disappears before even beginning to load.

The Gestalt selector gestaltSystemVersion is returning Just bumping this in the hope of a quick fix. I have a tournament beginning that I will have to drop from if it's not hastily addressed which would suck: I did a little research on this thinking maybe it's something I could fix from my end, but it's not. The fix does seem very easy but it's on PTCG's end and not mine.

Apple changed something between OS 9. It reads it as one version previous. That would be a step backwards but hey, I don't know the ins and outs. The game needs to be patched to use operatingSystemVersion to find the OS version instead. This level of programming is way over my head but best I can tell it should be a simple patch job and the game is unplayable for me until it is fixed. This area provides the total number of player earned Event Tickets. Selecting the Event Ticket total take adult players to a webpage where additional Tickets may be purchased. Otherwise, it is provided strictly for display purposes only.

Options button 2 gears on green background. The Options menu is the second to last option in the upper righthand corner of most screens. It allows players to access the in-game Settings , Help , and Exit the game. The Help menu is found under Options. Social menu button left facing triangle with three head silhouettes on green background. The Social menu is found in the upper lefthand corner of most screens.

When it is selected, it opens a side bar that slides out from the right side of the screen.

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When open, this Social menu side bar allows players to search for online "Friends" , participate in "Public Chats" , and review many recent in-game notification "Messages". By selecting the head silhouette image next to a "Friend"' s screen name, players are provided with several options: This "Block and Ignore Player" feature is found in the Social menu's "Friend" and "Chat" sections by selecting the head silhouette icon next a player's name and then selecting the " Block and Ignore Player" option.

Players earn up to four stars for each of the 36 Trainer opponents in the Trainer Challenge. Whether players win or lose, points are calculated at the end of a match. These points are added to the current point total for that individual Trainer in that position in a given league. Based on that cumulative total, players earn the following four stars and game rewards:.

These Trainer Tokens and 45 total Booster packs may only be obtained once per account. Scoring points in a Trainer Challenge match is based on various player performance criteria and on the difficulty level chosen, with a higher difficulty level earning more points per match by multiplying the earned points by the difficulty multiplier below:. Game notifications are posted via two methods: Pop-up Windows that appear shortly after logging into the game. Gameplay items include Card sleeves , Coins , and Deck boxes.

There is no unique advantage to selecting any one Gameplay item over another. It is solely a matter of player preferences about how certain game elements look. Gameplay items may be purchased from time to time in the in-game Shop , made available along with the purchase of Theme decks directly from the in-game Shop or through Redemption codes provided with the purchase of physical Theme decks and other select card collections, or may be Traded for with other players. Coins are Gameplay items that are used in-game when a move, status effect, or ability requires a coin flip.

Different coins have no special effects; their only difference is their appearance. Players start out with the Red Arceus coin. At one time, the Blue Energy coin was given to players by completing certain in-game achievements currently unavailable to newer players. Additional coins are made available when players redeem a purchased Non-exclusive Theme deck 's Redemption code or event code in the in-game Shop or when players purchase a Non-exclusive Theme deck through Trainer Tokens or Gems. The Landing screen is what players see immediately upon logging into the game. The Game menu on the Landing screen lacks a Home or selectable TCGO graphic since these options navigate the player back to this screen.

Additionally, in the upper left, players may select from one of several languages. They may choose to Exit the game by selecting the red "Power" button in the upper right. Finally, across bottom of the screen, players my select from "Forget Login Info?

It should not be confused with " Player rank " , which is related to player versus player Random Battles or Tournament matches. Successful completion of challenges earns players Experience Points or XP that are applied to a specific Energy type related to a given challenge. Players eventually earn levels Levels 0 to 3 for each Energy type. Earning Energy type levels increases overall Player level. Every players starts at Player level 0 zero.

Higher Player level grants greater flexibility in completing Daily Challenges. The ranking system appears to be based on specific player deck history instead of overall player history. A separate matchmaking system for the Theme Deck format Play type was implemented in Versus Mode so that player history with Theme Decks format would not directly translate over to other Play type formats. Based on the ranking system, players with an "Advantage" are not always identified during a match.

The ranking system is also used to help match players of similar experience during player versus player Random Battle matches. The Player rank system is more effective matching players during high player active and less effective when fewer players are looking to play a Random Battle against other online player. Versus Points allow players to advance along the Versus Ladder reward system. Players earn 10 Versus Points for every match they win in Versus Mode and an additional 5 Versus Points when the win against an opponent with the advantage.

Often updates involve the addition of new rules and card as new expansion sets are released, the resolution of program errors, player interface changes improving usability, and the addition or re-addition of new game features. Occasionally, updates to the game involve the removal of previously existing game features. The game was subsequently redesigned as a downloadable game utilizing the Unity game engine , [17] and relauched on May 15, for PC, [18] on November 5, for Mac, [19] [20] and on September 30, for iPad.

Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Jump to: This article contains old or outdated information, or has not been updated in a while. Please check the content of this article and update it as required. Specifically, it needs updates for Gems and Event Ticket purchasing ending. Strategy Players: Internet Developer: E ACB: G PEGI: March 24, TC beta Australia: March 24, TC beta Europe: March 24, TC beta South Korea: Game site Japanese boxart [[File: Retrieved from " https: Personal tools Create account Log in.

PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets. March 24, TC beta. Game site. Daily, Daily Match Bonus 10 Trainer Tokens. Daily Login Bonus reward system rotation. Daily Challenge reward system rotation.

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Weekly Tournament rotation. Monday, 7: Weekly Shop rotation. Wednesday, Saturday, 4: Game Store. Theme Only preconstructed Theme decks are allowed in this play type. Apart from the Starter themed Online-exclusive Theme decks , Theme decks are obtained by either using Redemption codes or by purchase with Trainer Tokens or Gems in the in-game Shop. Standard Only decks composed entirely of cards from expansions or sets officially sanctioned for Play!

The list of allowed expansions is updated with a game patch shortly after as the official, annual Rotation is announced. Expansions are added to the Standard format as they are released typically four a year , and the oldest legal expansions are rotated out of the Standard format on an annual basis. The Standard format was previously called the Modified format. Expanded Only decks composed entirely of cards from expansions or sets officially sanctioned for Play! This format was added in the season to allow a greater number of expansions than the Standard format but not be as unpredictable in card combinations as the Unlimited format.

Expansions are added to the Expanded format as they are released. Unlimited Any deck composed of cards currently available in the game are allowed in this play type including Expanded format decks, Standard format decks, and Theme decks. Tutorial 1. Tutorial 2. Tutorial 3. Tutorial 4. Tutorial 5.

Tutorial 6. Tutorial 7. Victor's Bonus Wheel: Driving In. Challenge 1.

Game Information

Burning Attack. Challenge 2. Challenge 3. Mighty Mind. Random Battle or Tournament Mode. Challenge 4. Seeds of Destruction. Little Splash. Mind Games. Put 5 Fire Evolution cards into play. Planting Seeds. Put 5 Grass Evolution cards into play. Narrow Stream. Put 5 Water Evolution cards into play. Psy Awakening. Put 5 Psychic Evolution cards into play. Brain Drain. Shadow Strike. Sharp Claws. Pixie Punch.

Roundhouse Kick. Dangerous Spores. Powerful Jolt. Iron Crash. Bad Dreams. Tidal Wave. Total Eclipse. Put 7 Darkness Evolution cards into play. Learning to Fly. Put 7 Dragon Evolution cards into play. Dazzling Sparkle. Put 7 Fairy Evolution cards into play. Training Hard.

Put 7 Fighting Evolution cards into play. Burning Bright. Put 7 Fire Evolution cards into play. Taking Root. Put 7 Grass Evolution cards into play. High Voltage. Put 7 Lightning Evolution cards into play. Put 7 Metal Evolution cards into play. Phantom Power. Put 7 Psychic Evolution cards into play.

Rising Tides. Put 7 Water Evolution cards into play. Shroud of Pain. Dragon Blast. Dazzling Power. Rock Slide. Forest Flurry. Turbo Laser. Sharp Strike. Terror Strike. Total Darkness. Sonic Power. Sweet Disaster.

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Flying Fists. Fire Storm. Nature's Wrath. Lightning Storm. Cut Down. Eternal Night. Put 10 Darkness Evolution cards into play. Dragon's Roar. Put 10 Dragon Evolution cards into play. Brilliant Light. Put 10 Fairy Evolution cards into play. Powered Up. Put 10 Fighting Evolution cards into play. Blazing Hot. Put 10 Fire Evolution cards into play. Growing Strong. Put 10 Grass Evolution cards into play. Put 10 Lightning Evolution cards into play. Gleaming Steel. Put 10 Metal Evolution cards into play. Superior Mind. Put 10 Psychic Evolution cards into play.

Raging River. Put 10 Water Evolution cards into play. Fade to Black.

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Dragon Rage. Rainbow Power. Chocking Vines. Lightning Blast. Slice and Dice.

iPad Screenshots

Psychic Assault. Powerful Flood. Prior to the April 3, update, Day 3 awarded 15 Trainer Tokens. Day 5 - 1 non-tradable, card Booster pack randomly selected from Standard format expansions. Trainer Challenge. Earning "Stars" after defeating computer-controlled Trainers in the Trainer Challenge earns 1, 3, or 10 Trainer Tokens and a card Booster pack once for each of the 36 Trainer opponents.

Players additionally obtain 3 more Booster packs by earning 4 Stars with all 12 Trainers in each of the three "Leagues". Finally, purchasable Non-exclusive Theme decks provide 1 Trainer Token after beating each of the 36 Trainers plus a card Booster pack after beating the first 12 Trainers once per Theme deck. Versus Mode. A single Trainer Token and a Bonus Wheel spin are earned when a match is played regardless of who wins or loses in Versus Mode , provided minimum Minimum Playtime Requirements are met. Two additional Trainer Tokens are earned if players win again an opponent who the Player rank system determined to have the "Advantage".

Tournament Mode. Same as Versus Mode as summarized above accept for the Versus Ladder. Additionally, players earn Tournament rewards based on Tournament type and Tournament placement. All Daily Challenges may also be completed in Tournament Mode. Tutorial Mode. Put 90 Evolution cards into play. Win 20 Versus Mode matches. Win 9 Trainer Challenge matches. Flip heads for attacks. Win 10 Legacy matches. Collect Prize Cards. Win 6 tournament matches. Collect 60 Prize Cards. Win 7 Expanded matches. Do damage in Expanded matches. Collect 42 Prize Cards in Expanded matches.

Win 10 Expanded matches. Stage 1. Trainer Token x Stage 2. Uncommon Chest x1. Stage 3. Stage 4. Stage 5. Event Ticket x1. Stage 6. Stage 7. Stage 8. Stage 9. Uncommon Chest x4. Stage Event Ticket x5. Holo Treasure Chest x1. Event Ticket x Holofoil Trainer card x1. July 14 to August 7, Roaring Skies. Shelmet , Accelgor. Caterpie , Metapod , Butterfree. Venusaur x2. Seedot , Nuzleaf , Shiftry. August 7 to 28, Barboach , Whiscash.

Poliwag , Poliwhirl , Politoed. Blastoise x2. Froakie , Frogadier , Greninja. Archie's Ace in the Hole. August 28 to September 18, Ancient Origins. Ponyta , Rapidash. Fletchling , Fletchinder , Talonflame. Charizard x2. Fennekin , Braixen , Delphox. September 18 to October 9, Pancham , Pangoro. Sandile , Krokorok , Krookodile. Yveltal x2. Zorua , Zoroark. October 9 to 30, Clefairy , Clefable. Spritzee , Aromatisse non-holo. Xerneas x2. Battle Reporter. October 30 to November 20, Diglett , Dugtrio. Timburr , Gurdurr , Conkeldurr. Lucario x2. Machop , Machoke , Machamp non-holo.

November 20 to December 11, Amaura , Aurorus. Tyrunt , Tyrantrum. Kangaskhan x2. Slakoth , Vigoroth , Slaking. Fossil Researcher. December 11, to January 1, Voltorb , Electrode. Shinx , Luxio , Luxray. Manectric x2. Helioptile , Heliolisk non-holo. January 1 to 22, Trapinch , Vibrava , Flygon. Dragonite x2. Deino , Zweilous , Hydreigon. January 22 to February 12, Pineco , Forretress. Bronzor , Bronzong. Dialga x2. Honedge , Doublade , Aegislash reverse holo.

Professor Birch's Observations. February 12 to March 4, Munna , Musharna. Trubbish , Garbodor. Mew x2.

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Duskull , Dusclops , Dusknoir. March 4 to 25, Nincada , Ninjask. Hoppip , Skiploom , Jumpluff. Celebi x2. Snivy , Servine , Serperior. March 25 to April 15, Aron , Lairon , Aggron. Jirachi x2. Klink , Klang , Klinklang. April 15 to May 6, Swirlix , Slurpuff. Florges x2. Togepi , Togetic , Togekiss. May 6 to 27, Fates Collide. Minccino , Cinccino. Eevee , Umbreon. Darkrai x2.

May 27 to June 17, Vanillite , Vanillish , Vanilluxe. Kyurem x2. Oshawott , Dewott , Samurott. Professor Juniper. June 17 to July 7, Mienfoo , Mienshao. Meditite , Medicham. Groudon x2. Rhyhorn , Rhydon , Rhyperior. Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick. July 7 to 28, Foongus , Amoonguss. Sewaddle , Swadloon , Leavanny. Shaymin x2.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Oddish , Gloom , Vileplume reverse holo. July 28, to August 18, Electrike , Manectric. Electabuzz , Electivire. Emolga x2. Tynamo , Eelektrik , Eelektross. August 18, to September 8, Steam Siege. Eevee , Flareon. Growlithe , Arcanine. Victini x2. Tepig , Pignite , Emboar. September 8 to 29, Bidoof , Bibarel. Swablu , Altaria. Rayquaza x2. Porygon , Porygon2 , Porygon-Z. September 29 to October 20, Slowpoke , Slowbro. Magikarp , Gyarados. Keldeo x2. Squirtle , Wartortle , Blastoise. October 20 to November 10, Teammates x2. Gothita , Gothorita , Gothitelle.

Toxicroak x2. November 10 to December 1, Petilil , Lilligant. Genesect x2. Bulbasaur , Ivysaur , Venusaur. December 1 to 22, Rare Candy x2. Litwick , Lampent , Chandelure. Meloetta x2.

Play Pokémon TCG Online on Mac and PC

Ralts , Kirlia , Gardevoir. December 22, to January 12, Vulpix , Ninetales. Camerupt x2. Torchic , Combusken , Blaziken. January 12 to February 3, Phanpy , Donphan. Plume Fossil , Archen , Archeops. Landorus x2. Machop , Machoke , Machamp. February 3 to 24, Max Elixir x2. February 24 to March 17, Eevee , Jolteon. Thundurus x2. Pikachu , Raichu. March 17 to April 7, Puzzle of Time x2.

Dratini , Dragonair , Dragonite. Latios x2. Trapinch , Vibrava , Flygon reverse holo. Giovanni's Scheme. April 7 to May 1, Ultra Ball x2. Zubat , Golbat , Crobat. Hoopa x2. May 1 to 22,